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Relationship Coaching

Our personal relationships can be our biggest challenges, but they can also be our greatest opportunity to grow. They have such an impact on our lives because they have such a strong emotional charge connected to them.

If they are not working, they can take us down mentally and emotionally in a heartbeat.

Because of this strong emotional charge, we seem to get hooked which can cause us to become irrational and hypersensitive, resulting in tremendous amounts of pain for ourselves and that which we inflict on others.

Relationships mean so much to us and it is for that very reason, that it is so important to explore them fully before we give up on them completely.

We often think we know what the problem is, but in almost every situation it’s never really what we think it is. The only way to get to the root of a problem is to dig deeper through asking better questions as these are what lead us to the answers we are searching for.

Only when we truly understand ourselves and know why we act in certain ways, is it possible for us to look at others and their behaviour. Until we are open and willing to explore our role in the relationship breakdown, things will never change.

Every relationship is different, every circumstance is different, but through a discovery call, we can explore whether my coaching is going to be suitable for either you and or your partner.

Request a Free Discovery Session

Request a Free 30-minute discovery session where we can discuss if working together is going to be beneficial for you. This call is designed to ensure my style of coaching will be suitable for you and whether we are a good fit.

It’s so important to get the right coach who speaks and communicates in a way that you learn best. The speed at which people progress with coaching of any nature is very much reliant on this connection. On the call, we will run through some key questions that can help you get you started on your journey almost straight away and in doing so, help you to start rediscovering your greatness.